Barnet’s Jewish and Muslim communities broke bread together this week, to mark the end of the daily fast for the Islamic festival of Ramadan.

North Finchley Mosque hosted an Iftar (meal to break the daily fast) in partnership with the Barnet Multi Faith Forum (BMFF), and members of numerous religious communities.

Guests were welcomed by the president of the mosque Nurul Alam, before, before they enjoyed delicious food to mark the end of the daily fast during the festival of Ramadan. Guests also discussed the meaning behind the celebration, and the commonalities and differences between different communities.

Es Rosen, Chair of BMFF, said: “Whilst there appears to be a very worrying level of hate developing within our society, in this part of North Finchley and for the whole of Barnet tonight we are publicly demonstrating our sense of togetherness.

“This Iftar.. sends out such a hugely important message for us to be here together.

“We have fashioned a bridge for different communities to explore this space, in which our commonalities are highlighted, our differences celebrated and human connection has been forged.  A space in which all faiths can be proud and confident of our traditions.”

Guests at the iftar, included new Mayor Councillor Reuben Thompstone, Deputy Lord Lieutenant Martin Russell, Leader of the Council Richard Cornelius, Bishop John Sherrington, and other faith leaders.