Chief Rabbi of South Africa Warren Goldstein

Chief Rabbi of South Africa Warren Goldstein

The chief Rabbi and Beth Din of South Africa have launched an investigation into a recent circumcision in Johannesburg which resulted in injury to the baby, writes Nick Ottman.

The commission, chaired by a retired judge and comprising urologists and mohelim, will look into the incident involving an elderly mohel, who has never before been the subject of inquiries.

“Our Jewish methods of circumcision, through trained mohelim, has stood the test of time throughout the globe and indeed also here in South Africa,” said Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein and Rosh Beth Din Rabbi Moshe Kurtstag in a joint statement.

Nevertheless, even one injury is a serious matter and we remain committed to maintaining and improving halachic and safety standards of brit milah in South Africa.” They added: “We would like to take this opportunity to wish a speedy recovery to the baby and his parents and family.”

A Milah UK spokesman said: “In the UK we have systems of oversight, training and regulation, which have developed over hundreds of years. They are now being replicated across the world to ensure the best possible safeguards are in place whenever a brit milah is performed.”