A gay couple set to marry next year have spoken of the “huge leap forward” taken by Liberal Judaism, in introducing inclusive marriage documents.

The progressive movement will offer new prenuptial agreements, known as ketubot, for partners who prefer not to use conventional ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ terms.

Steve Laughton and Paul Bloomfield, who got engaged earlier this year and will marry at The Liberal Jewish Synagogue in 2018, said they are delighted with the move.

Speaking to Jewish News, Paul said: “This is a huge leap forward. Liberal Judaism was not only the first religious denomination in the UK to actively campaign for same sex marriage, but is now the only one to have created an inclusive ketubah. It means the world to Steve and I, and so many other Jewish couples.

“Hopefully this will lead the charge and we will now see other faiths, and indeed Jewish denominations, follow suit.”

Steve added: “Liberal Judaism has always been at the forefront of inclusion and acceptance. To have created a fully inclusive ketubah is not just spirituality, pastorally, communally just a beautiful and joyous thing, it once again places them at the forefront of progressive Judaism in the UK.

“Having spent far too much time battling homophobia from other Jewish groups this year – I’m proud and I’m moved to be part of a movement that welcomes LGBTQI+ people with such love.”

The ketubot were written by the Liberal Judaism’s Rabbi Mark Solomon, in consultation with other Progressive rabbis. Speaking to Jewish News, he said it was “important” because it “continues to develop Judaism in the most helpful, sensitive, compassionate and forward-thinking way for the needs of our time.”

Liberal Judaism estimates that it will conduct at least 20 wedding ceremonies over the next year,

Rabbi Mark Solomon with new Ketubah text in front of classic Liberal Ketubah

Rabbi Mark Solomon with new Ketubah text in front of classic Liberal Ketubah