A unique exhibition opens next week, showcasing art from students who were asked to explore their Jewish identity and relationship to Israel

Sponsored by the Union of Jewish Students (UJS), the exhibition is the finale to the Incubator Programme. Run over the past several months, it has matched aspiring Jewish artists to mentors, educational sessions and networking opportunities.

Natasha Woolf, UJS communications officer, said: “The programme was dedicated to supporting creative and ambitious students where we celebrate Jewish student artists by sharing their talents and creative visions.”

The hard work of the eight artists will be available for viewing at JW3 next Thursday, 11 June.

Jewish News got a sneak preview of the show entitled Coming Home: Israel through the eyes of a new generation…

1. Georgia Lubert headshot

Georgia Lubert

 1. Name: Georgia Lubert

Age: 20

Second year, photography, University of Brighton 

For this project, I collected a variety of images of Israel from different people and created collages from them.

I wanted this to represent a collective experience of Israel, shared by the Jewish people, focusing on themes of community and unity. I chose to explore these themes of Jewish identity and connection to Israel as while it is also personal, the idea behind it was that it would focus on a shared experience, therefore hopefully being something that many people can relate to.

UJS Incubator has allowed me to explore these themes and create work about something I am passionate about.

Georgia Lubert piece explores the idea of unity.

Georgia Lubert piece explores the idea of unity.


2. Jeremy Ross headshot

Jeremy Ross

2. Name: Jeremy Ross

Age: 21

Third Year, BA (Hons) model design and special effects, University of Hertfordshire

“I wanted to express my own Jewish journey and connection to Israel through music on one of my guitars. I wanted to demonstrate my versatile craft skills as well as my imagination by creating this low relief piece.”

 Jeremy Ross explored his Jewish identity through music

Jeremy Ross explored his Jewish identity through music


3. Rachel Lewin headshot

Rachel Lewin

3. Name: Rachel Lewin

Age: 25

Third year, songwriting, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

“The theme of my topic is humanity. The painting shows a child holding a teddy bear in the midst of chaos/conflict. I want to show that conflict affects children. The child is painted in blue and white to represent Israel.”

Rachel Lewin 's theme is humanity

Rachel Lewin ‘s theme is humanity


4. Ronnie Goldfarb headshot

Ronnie Goldfarb

4. Name: Ronnie Goldfarb

Age: 20

Second year, photography, Arts University Bournemouth

“I explored the themes of belonging and nostalgia, using photographs taken on a 35mm film camera from a visit to Israel last March. I was trying to figure out if I felt a sense of belonging to the country I was born in.”

Ronnie Goldfarb explores themes of belonging

Ronnie Goldfarb explores themes of belonging


5. Lee Goldfarb headshot

Lee Goldfarb

5. Name: Lee Goldfarb

Age: 22

Final year, Master in biological anthropology, University of Durham

“First, I asked what it means to be biologically Jewish, so whether it’s in our genes, or in our shared experience. I tried to highlight the different experiences of Judaism and open a discussion on how we define someone as ‘one of us’. Second, I focused on the growing wealth inequality in Israel and how we need to address this. ”

5. Lee Goldfarb art work

Lee Goldfarb looks into questions of Jewish identity


6. Josh brickman 2

Josh Brickman

6. Name: Josh Brickman

Age: 19

First year, Diploma in popular music performance, Tech Music School, BIMM London

“I wanted to challenge myself by doing a Jewish song combined with pop elements. It’s about Jewish unity. It tested my song writing, as I was trying to create something that could have an impact on the community and bring people together.”

6. Josh Brickman

Josh Brickman composed a song about unity

Daniella Freeman

Daniella Freeman

7. Name: Daniella Freeman

Age: 19

First year, textile design, Birmingham City University

“I used photographs I took while in Israel to create interesting repeat surface patterns. The concept is made up of fabrics and wallpaper that could be used in the home to demonstrate how we always feel at home in the Holy Land.”

Daniella Freeman used photos to create patterns

Daniella Freeman used photos to create patterns


8. Leonie Glazer headshot

Leonie Glazer

8. Leonie Glazer

Age: 20

Second year, early childhood studies, Birmingham City University

“I focused on drawing cartoons and still life. I’m always doodling so doodled what I’m passionate about. It’s a fantastic way for young people to get in touch with Israel and Judaism.”

Leonie Glazer focussed on drawing cartoons

Leonie Glazer focussed on drawing cartoons