The Chief Rabbi will address an estimated 1,000 people at Sunday’s rally to demand greater action by the police and Government against anti-Semitism.

A rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, called by the Campaign against Antisemitism, will demand a “zero tolerance” approach amid a rising tide of incidents since the start of Israel’s Operation in Gaza. Among the other speakers announced today are Quilliam founder Maajid Nawaz, the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn and commentator Douglas Murray, associate director of the Henry Jackson Society.

In the past month alone, synagogues have been vandalised, community members have been attacked on the streets and on social media and swastikas painted on buildings. A sign proclaiming “Hitler was right” was displayed at one rally for Gaza.

“Yet British Jews complain the existing law is not being enforced to protect them from abuse and discrimination,” said the Campaign Against anti-Semitism, a new grassroots organisation that has put together Sunday’s event.

A Shomrim volunteer removing a swastika painted on a wall in Lower Clapton over the weekend.

A Shomrim volunteer removing a swastika painted on a wall in Lower Clapton

Speaking ahead of the rally, which will be addressed by politicians and community leaders, spokesman Jonathan Sacerdoti said: “There is a wave of widespread anti-Semitism sweeping across Europe, and also here in Britain. British Jews are afraid. Citizens are looking to the police and government to enforce the law with zero tolerance against antisemites, as they do in other cases of racism. It is only through zero tolerance that the tide of anti-Semitism can be turned. This demand is backed by the full spectrum of Jewish organisations.”

A statement from the Campaign, set up just three weeks ago, said making anti-Semitic statements in public is an aggravated offence under the Public Order Act and expressing support for proscribed terrorist organisations is illegal under the Terrorism Act.

–       The event takes place at 2pm on Sunday