Challenge: Mount Kilimanjaro

Challenge: Mount Kilimanjaro

British Jews are joining their kin from Canada, the U.S. and Israel in October to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, raising money for disabled children in Jerusalem.

The trek is in aid of the SHALVA Center in Jerusalem, with the aim of helping kids scale their own ‘personal mountains.’
According to organisers, participants come from “the full spectrum of observance,” and among the 30 trekkers is a grandfather who hopes to celebrate his 70th birthday at 3,900 metres above sea-level.
To make the trip as inclusive as possible, there will be vegetarian food with new cooking and eating utensils. On the seventh day, the group will rest for Shabbat on the mountain, joining millions of Jews around the world keeping Shabbat as part of the ‘Shabbos Project.’Mother-of-three Claire Freeman, from London, praised the work of the charity and said she was grateful her own kids could run and play. “Even when you are born able-bodied, life is about pushing yourself to go beyond your own limitations.”

One of those participating will be Rabbi Ari Shainfeld, and he’ll be leading the group in celebrating and raising awareness of Shabbat UK at the top of the mountain. The group are partnering with Shabbat UK as well as the Shabbos project in keeping Shabbat together with hundreds of thousands of Jews across the world for what will be a very special weekend.

Rabbi Shainfeld said: “The fact that we are able to do this as partners of Shabbat UK, that we can sign up to keeping Shabbat along with the rest of the Jewish world is electric. Already most of our group, many of whom are not Shabbat observant have signed up to this extra challenge. I have no doubt that this is going to be a Shabbat that all of us who keep it will never ever forget, it is going to be unique, elevating and challenging in so many wonderful ways.”

Rabbi Ari Shainfeld’s target is to raise £7,500 for Shalva’s new national centre in Jerusalem. YOU CAN SPONSOR HIM HERE: