The JCoSS teacher who saved a pupil’s life by giving him CPR for 15 minutes was given a national award this week, as the school’s headteacher labelled him “heroic” for his quick thinking.

Ashley White, who teaches P.E. at the Barnet school, said he was “humbled” by the SADS UK Lifesaver Award, after he saved Year 11 student Noah Baron Cohen in April, when the youngster’s heart stopped following a hard run.

“Noah made a phenomenal recovery and was home within two weeks,” said JCoSS headteacher Patrick Moriarty. “Everyone agrees that it was Ashley’s swift and professional action that saved Noah’s life.  He gave CPR for about 15 minutes on the pitch until the emergency services arrived, taking instruction from the 999 operator down the phone. He was totally calm and heroic throughout.”

Noah was taken to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he was placed in a medically-induced coma, and Noah’s mother Angelique said the teacher’s actions “not only saved Noah’s life, it ensured he had oxygen which prevented any damage to his brain… Without Mr White being at the school that day we would not have our son here tonight”.

White said: “I am humbled and thrilled to accept this award. I am so pleased that my actions had helped contribute to Noah’s survival.”