A barmitzvah boy has donated money from his special day to Jewish emergency service Hatzola, to pay for life-saving equipment worth £1,500.

The mother of Immanuel College student Miles Isaacs, says she is “enormously proud” after her son donated a defibrillator to the volunteer ambulance service.

Melodie Isaacs, who attends Hampstead Village synagogue, said: “I feel very emotional about the fact that my son is now going to care for other people.”

At an event on Sunday attended by Hatzola trustees, members and staff, as well as Miles’ parents, the 13-year old fixed a plaque onto the defibrillator, purchased through his donation.

The plaque on the defibrillator, which is used to treat victims of cardiac arrest, said the charity gives “grateful acknowledgment for a generous donation”.

Speaking to Jewish News, Dr Shalom Springer, Chair of the Hatzola North London Trustees said they had “been touched by Miles’ extraordinary gesture and are proud to be associated with a young man who displays such care for human life.”

Miles with members of Hatzola on Sunday

Miles (centre) with members of Hatzola on Sunday

“The donation of his barmitzvah presents has allowed us to buy a defibrillator, a key piece of equipment that will save lives. Miles is a wonderful role model for today’s youth and we look forward to a maintaining an ongoing relationship with him.”

Melodie added, that Hatzola “were all so friendly and so thankful; it made us feel even more proud, that he is making a very big difference. Without this equipment they can’t do what they love doing. They are such humble people”.

The year-8 student, whose mother says he watches “all the hospital programmes” on television, was brought up to “notice people and to help”. She told Jewish News: “I bring all my children up to be aware of all the charities going on around them, Jewish and non-Jewish. He is a very caring soul”.

She added, that her eldest son Louis, a musician, has raised money to help Tikva Jewish orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine, arranging money for instruments and lessons – and that her youngest daughter intends to donate to Hatzola with her Bat Mitzvah money too.