Moroccan flag in Marrakesh

Moroccan flag in Marrakech

A groundbreaking charity to bring together Moroccan Muslims and Jews in Britain has been launched in the presence of the country’s ambassador in London.

Mimouna UK aims to support dialogue, organise events and cultural exchanges for the benefit of women from both faiths and celebrate Moroccan culture.

The organisation – the launch of which was attended by the country’s Diaspora Minister Anis Birrou and Ambassador Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui – also aims to support women aspiring for political careers and to work towards the establishment of an intellectual thinktank to boost understanding of Morocco.

More than 80 members of the Jewish community attended the event. Founder Souad Talsi spoke about how the idea for the initiative came to her after attending a Chanukah celebration organised by Sydney Assor, Chairman of the Association of British Jews of Moroccan Origin in the UK, where she was “greeted with warmth and love, the Moroccan flag and Moroccan mint tea.”

“Once at home I couldn’t help but think about my mother, her teaching of tolerance, warmth, coexistence and sense of belonging wherever we may be, that she instilled in us and it came to me.

“Mimouna represents everything Morocco stands for and I pray I’ll see it grow and prosper.

“It is the bridge that has long needed to be built and today we are putting the first stone on the ground and with that I wish to thank Your Highness for the unyielding support, Minister, for believing in us and giving us this wonderful opportunity and to our mayor, whose council has been championing our work since the inception of the project and continue to do so to date.”