A 71-year-old grandmother from Wembley Park has fulfilled her dream as a writer by self-publishing her first book. 

The everlasting chocolate drop

The everlasting chocolate drop

Patricia Jacobs, who has four children and five grandchildren, is the proud author of The Everlasting Chocolate Drop; a book aimed at six to 11-year-olds.

The paperback, which is available on Amazon priced at £11.99, tells the story of a boy growing up in London in the 1950s.

“It’s a time when most people didn’t own a refrigerator, TV, microwave or mobile phones,” explains Jacobs.

“Children played games such as five stones, snakes and ladders and cards to amuse themselves.”

The story follows a very ordinary boy called Mathew, who buys a packet of chocolate drops and then begins to experience unusual events. With his friend Dan, they try to find solutions, only to end up in trouble at school.

They have a code by which they refer to the everlasting chocolate drop so no one else can know what they are talking about.

Jacobs has every right to feel immensely proud of the book she wrote several years ago but which she has only now got around to publishing.

Jacobs says: “I have many hobbies, including baking delicious honey cake muffins, gardening, travel, visiting galleries and art, but becoming an author at this stage in my life is a real bonus.”