MPs have been told that a video accusing Jews of perpetrating massacres to inflame tensions between non-Jews “does not cross the line” into hate speech.

The startling remark was made by a senior Google executive during an evidence session of the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday, as parliamentarians discussed a video titled: ‘Jews admit organising white genocide.’

Featuring white supremacist David Duke, it was one of three submitted as evidence as being by posted by neo-Nazis and sent via Google links, with others featuring National Action, a group now banned in Britain.

MPs including former Labour front-bencher Yvette Cooper asked Peter Barron, Google Europe’s vice-president for communications and public affairs, about the Duke video, as Google owns the video-sharing website YouTube.

Barron said that while the two other videos submitted as evidence had since been removed, Duke’s video remained online because it “did not cross the line into hate speech even though it was shocking and offensive in its nature”.

In it, Duke says: “Jewish racists push diversity for every people but their own. No group on earth fights harder for its interests… by dividing a society they can weaken it and achieve their agenda.”

He accuses Israelis of perpetrating massacres “to increase the hate between Muslims and Christians, and today they’re doing the same thing all over the world,” adding: “Muslims don’t run the media that tells [Europeans] that they must let themselves be ethnically cleansed in our own homelands. Arabs don’t run the kosher Hollywood media that teaches Europeans to hate themselves.”

Discussing “Jewish power,” he says: “Jews in media and academia endlessly whine about Gentile evil and racism… and the never-ending recital of the holy Holocaust. We don’t hear a peep about the biggest mass murder in history: the Jewish-led Bolshevik murders in the Gulags of Soviet Russia.”

On Israel, he adds: “Comparing Israel to apartheid is like comparing an atomic bomb to a child’s toy gun. South Africa never dropped thousands of bombs that burned children alive as they slept in their beds… Imagine if your children were murdered or blinded or crippled by these Jewish weapons of mass destruction.”

The video was posted one year ago and has been viewed more than 91,000 times. Comments left against it include those stating that Jews are “the synagogue of Satan” and that all Jews “must hang”. Others urge “someone to please just nuke Israel”.

In session, Duke’s video was described by Cooper as anti-Semitic, as MPs vented their anger. When one executive explained why a Holocaust denial tweet did not breach its guidelines, Labour MP David Winnick told him it was little more than “commercial prostitution” and that he would be ashamed if it were him.