Zac Goldsmith has vowed to “use every tool at my disposal” to prevent Jewish Londoners from questioning their future in London.

During an appearance at the Redbridge Jewish community Centre on Tuesday, the Tory mayoral candidate referred to the plight of Jews in France and the fact record numbers were leaving the country.

He said: “If I’m elected Mayor I will do everything I possibly can using every single tool at my disposable to ensure that we don’t go the way of France, that no-one ever in this great City, ever even has to question whether they have a future in this city. There’s an enormous amount the Mayor can do.”

Saying eradicating hate crime should be a priority for the Metropolitan Police, Goldsmith added: “When you have people hurling chairs through university windows because people are debating an issue relating to Israel, the authorities jump on it and they find the people responsibility and they prosecute them and if they’re part of a university they ensure that those people are expelled from that university.”

“The BDS movement in my view is often a cover for a much older campaign that has been raging over the centuries and it’s called anti-Semitism….As a London MP I’m confronted with activists from the BDS movement…and I have no doubt at its heart there’s often something quite sinister there….BDS