Customers looking to buy poultry for Passover may well be left asking why this chicken is different to all other chickens.

Well it seems all poultry sourced for the festival is actually placed on a wheat-free diet, as according to religious instruction.

In a literal case of separating the wheat from the chicks, the London Board of Shechita (LBS) today confirmed that  Kosher for Passover chickens are indeed different to their round-the-year feathery friends,  having been fed only on a chametz-free diet before slaughter.

A spokesperson for LBS said: “All poultry sourced for Pesach has to be fed on a non-wheat feed diet.

“This is not a new thing – in fact, it’s been around for thousands of years.

“All shechita boards have the same instruction in place and that’s what the Kosher for Passover label specifically means.”

Biblical Foods Ltd, which supplies certified organic chickens, confirmed their poultry have already been placed on a special Passover diet.

The organic birds can be ordered from Amazon, as well as select butchers and delicatessens in north London and south Hertfordshire.