taub football

Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub kicks off, and German Ambassador Peter Ammon gains possession.

Diplomats from the Israeli and German played a football match this week, marking 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub, and German Ambassador Peter Ammon kicked off the match, both wearing the number “25”, together symbolising 50 years of relations.

photo 4

German Ambassador Peter Ammon and Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub, showing off their specially made commemorative 25 T-shirts, to make the occasion.

Ambassador Taub said: “The relationship between our countries has been a long journey. Whether through dialogue, trade or, as here, through football, we are committed to continuing this journey together.”

Ambassador Ammon said: “While the past shall never be forgotten, German-Israeli relations today are unparalleled in their diversity and built on mutual trust.”

As for the result. Well, need you ask?

The Germans won 5-3.

photo (6)

German Ambassador Peter Ammon holds the trophy aloft. Just for a change, the Germans won at football…..