German police have launched an investigation after football supporters mocked up an anti-Semitic sticker of Anne Frank pictured in a rival club’s top.

The images, in the form of a Panini football sticker, have been circulated on the internet, as well as being stuck up on walls. German newspaper Bild believe the culprit is a Borussia Dortmund fan.

The incident comes a week after Lazio supporters produced similar images in Italy, where the Holocaust victim was pictured in a Roma top.

Anti-Semitism is heavily punished in Germany – with denying the Holocaust a criminal offence.

FC Lok Leipzig, who play in the German Regional League, released a statement on Tuesday to distance themselves from the stickers. It said: “At present, stickers with anti-Semitic messages are circulating in Europe. Now, apparently, some people are trying to connect with our beloved FCL as well. The association has reported immediately in this regard.

“Before anyone should come up with the completely absurd idea that the 1. FC Lok have something to do with such an adversity, we would like to clarify once again: The 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig distances itself sharply from all forms of anti-Semitism and fascism ,

“Our club is colorful. Our over 300 athletes have their roots in over 20 countries around the world. We abhor discrimination, violence and racism in any form. These are the cornerstones of our constitution and our mission statement. If you do not want to accept that, you have no place in our club.

“Football connects and has been in club form with us since 1893!”