As the final five stepped into the Bake Off tent they were thrown straight into their first challenge of forgotten bakes week with a Bedfordshire Clanger on the menu; a cornish pasty of sorts with suet pastry.

Obviously out of her comfort zone, Stacey nonetheless opted for camembert and onion and apple and blueberry for her two required fillings.

And with her pastry praised for being flaky and soft and her filling highly commended for its flavour, her confidence was given a great boost for round two.

All about precision, the technical challenge called on the bakers to reproduce a traditional Cumberland Rum Nicky; a sweet tart with a shortcrust pastry base, a rum-soaked fruity filling and a lattice top.

Again, her flavours were spot on and it even looked neat. Just a little longer in the oven and she might have improved on her decent third place spot.

So all was looking promising as she headed for the showstopper – a Victorian Savoy Cake. Stacey chose a lemon and orange flavour combination.

Cake one cooked and cooled to perfection, things started to fall apart, quite literally, when the oven door fell off during the cooking of her second tier and she was forced to sit against it to prop it up.

Nevertheless, she remained calm and received plenty of plaudits from the judges… so much so, that in quarter final week she finally received the coveted crown of Star Baker.

Final four, here she comes…

You can watch the latest episode of the Great British Bake Off here