The signature challenge took the remaining baking wannabes back to their school days as the contestants were given three hours to recreate the nostalgic steamed pudding. Stacey had allegedly practised her bakewell tart variety a staggering 17 times before coming before the judges and all the hard work paid off with Prue deeming it ‘absolutely delicious’ and Paul saying it was ‘a very special thing’. He even shook her hand noch.

The technical challenge called on the contestants to make six molten chocolate puddings filled with peanut butter in just one hour. The success Stacey felt from round one was dampened slightly as her offering was criticised for being overbaked and lacking filling and while they tasted good, the air pockets and cracks didn’t go unnoticed by Prue’s keen eye for detail. As she said ‘it’s good, it’s just not perfect’. Being good enough though still secured her fourth spot for the round.

For the showstopper the bakers had to produce an ornamental trifle terrine and Stacey opted for a tropical theme complete with rum and pineapple jelly, chilli and mango mousse and passion fruit and lime eton mess. Well her spirits were well and truly raised once more as Paul claimed the chilli was a fascinating touch to a trifle that ‘just worked’. He even said it tasted beautiful. High praise indeed.

So Stacey storms her way into another week in the Bake Off tent. Perhaps all this newfound confidence will see her claim the coveted title of Star Baker soon. Watch this space.

Watch episode five of The Great British Bake Off here.