Ex-JFS student Gaby Lebetkin placed the final flower in the crown of her award-winning Iconic Queen Head at the Chelsea Flower Show this week.

The 23-year old won her company, Veevers Carter Flowers Ltd, a gold award and a New Design Award.

This year’s Chelsea Flower Show’s highlights included a floral arch to celebrate the 90th birthday of the RHS patron, the Queen, and a 60-foot carriage from Belmond British Pullman, which forms part of the 6,000sq ft planted-up station in the Great Pavilion.

New Covent Garden Flower Market's debut stand, 'Behind Every Great Florist', designed by Veevers Carter and Gaby Lebetkin

New Covent Garden Flower Market’s debut stand, ‘Behind Every Great Florist’, designed by Veevers Carter and Gaby Lebetkin

Among the high-profile visitors to the show were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It emerged, that the Duchess of Cambridge calls the Duke of Cambridge “Babe”, according to a gardener who met them at the show.

The show has been held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London every year since 1913 with the exception of gaps for World Wars.