Nelson Street0003

Nelson Street, Whitechapel (Source: Jewdas)

A group of young Jews are fundraising to help save one of London’s oldest synagogues on Nelson Street, Whitechapel.

East London Central Synagogue, founded in 1923 is one of the East End’s oldest purpose built synagogue, but its roof is collapsing and its original features are in need of major repair.
Jewdas is aiming to raise at least £5,000 to save the synagogue, and have started a campaign.
An organiser said: “We worry this incredible building will just be turned into more apartments, as has happened to other East London synagogues such as Temple Court. Such actions are diminishing the East End’s rich Jewish history.”
Nelson Street0004

Nelson Street, Whitechapel (Source: Jewdas)

The synagogue was promised money for restoration by Tower Hamlets mayor, Lutfur Rahman, but “the grant has been frozen, and is likely to be much lower in value if it is still given” according to the campaign page.

The campaign intends to use fundraising as well as bringing in new Jews to the community with religious, cultural and political events.

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