Four people have been elected on to the Board of Deputies’ Executive Committee.

Of the 18 contenders, those elected were Ephraim Borowski, Tal Ofer, Gabriel Webber and Noemi Zell.

In their new positions, they will be making recommendations on policy, considering issues and discussing content of Board meetings.

Tal Ofer

Tal Ofer

Tal Ofer, 35, told Jewish News: “It’s a great honour to serve on the Executive Committee of the Board of Deputies, and I’m really looking forward to work alongside the Honorary Officers and all members of the executive, to help shape the future of the Board. My pro-active approach will really be an asset for the Executive when it discusses policy issues and the direction of the BOD. I’m grateful for the opportunity and would like to thank to everyone who supported me.”

Gabriel Webber 23

Gabriel Webber

Gabriel Webber, 24, said:” These new places on the Executive were created to provide extra oversight of the Board and its leadership. The fact that the Board placed this task in the hands of a young person is a really positive demonstration of the direction our community is going. In office, I hope to help renew the Board’s mandate and make it a more representative voice of the community.

Noemi Zell told Jewish News: “Having gained experience working across divisions and within different groups of the Board, I’m familiar with its workings and have developed a balanced understanding of the Deputies’ needs. I now feel I’m well placed to represent my fellow Deputies in serving on the Executive Committee.”