Lee Scott, ex-Conservative MP for Ilford North.

Lee Scott, ex-Conservative MP for Ilford North.

Former MP Lee Scott has accepted an international role representing the Tamil community, three months after narrowly losing his Ilford North seat after a decade in post.

The politician will travel frequently to the United Nations in Geneva and meet representatives of countries around the globe as part of efforts to bring to justice those responsible for the massacre of tens of thousands of Tamil civilians at the end of the civil war in 2009.

He told the Jewish News: “I’m honoured to be trusted to do this new role as ambassador for justice for Tamils. I believe I can help get justice for those people who no lfsrionger have a voice. Somebody fired bullets – there is video footage of people kneeling down and being shot – somebody committed these atrocities. I have particular concerns about the number of children that went missing at the end the conflict and have never been heard of again.”

Scott was a member of the All Party parliamentary Group of Tamils throughout his time as an MP, serving as chair for the final five years.

He added: “Having come from the background I have, having visiting Auschwitz, getting justice for a community that has gone through atrocities is very important to me. Has mankind learnt anything from history whatsoever or are we going to just repeat the same mistakes again and again and again?”

Scott admitted he missed being an MP “but it’s gone and I have to face it”. But he added some of the experiences of the last campaign “people going to doors saying don’t vote for me because I was a pro-Israeli Jew, some of my campaigners being told don’t campaign for him” – had “left scars”.

He added: “After the election I said I wouldn’t run. That’s still my stance at this juncture. I’d love the opportunity to serve again in some way.”