A group of eight teenagers played their part when taking part in a charity football match to raise money for Donnie’s Fund.

Taking on a side from Hendon, the Edgware team, which consisted of Sam Ucko, Eliezer Levene, Jojo Jacob, Yona Wosner, Judah Yawitch, Chemi Freeman, Doron Weil, Mendy Maccabee and Aryeh Burnbaum played for 13 hours, with money raised going towards the charity which was set up in memory of Donnie Berenblut, who born with a life-limiting condition, tragically passed away after just 142 days.

Donnie’s Fund was created to make life easier for families in the neonatal unit at University College Hospital, who often need to travel long distances and juggle the needs of other family members.

The Edgware team organiser, Sam Ucko, said: “Our motivation to do the 13-hour football match was to help a new charity which we think could really have an impact and make a real difference.”

Other fundraisers for the charity will include nine girls cutting their hair, with the sponsorship money going to the charity. Donnie’s parents, Ruth and Marcel said: “We’re so grateful to the footballers and girls and everyone else who raises money on behalf of Donnie’s Fund or makes a donation. As a small charity, we will make every penny count and we know we can make a huge impact with the money we raise.”

You can donate to the girls:  BY CLICKING HERE: