One of six new teams entering the MGBSFL next season has been told by the London Football Association (LFA) they can’t call themselves Tottenham Chutzpah due to it being ‘offensive’.

The team played under the same name four years ago. But manager Brandon Hamme explained: “We rejoined the league this year and asked the LFA for the same name. But they refused because they believed the term ‘chutzpah’ was offensive for some reason. They researched the word on google and apparently didn’t like what they saw.”

MH Dons – as they will now be called – will join Hertswood Vale, RCUK FC, Redbridge Jewish Care C, Finchley City and one other team whose name is yet to be confirmed.

Details for the forthcoming season, which kicks-off on 11 September, was announced at Monday’s AGM and will see 34 sides, an increase of two from the end of last season, once again play in three divisions after the teams voted 18-15 in favour of it, over a four-division proposal. Ten teams will contest the Premier Division, with 12 teams each in Division’s One and Two.

Happy with the slight increase in the number of teams, League chairman David Wolff said: “It’s obviously better than going the other way. There are signs that the trend [declining numbers] has now stopped.”

There will be rolling substitutes in the league for the first time, though a proposal to allow up to three players to be registered on the morning of the match was defeated.

Finchley City
Hertswood Vale
MH Dons
Redbridge C
(Name TBC)

Blizzard Storm
FC Team C
Real Sosobad