The Fatah worker who posted an offensive cartoon on the group’s Facebook page following the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers has been reprimanded.

The image appeared to depict the trio as rats caught on three hooks on a fishing rod. It drew shock and anger from around the globe.

A cartoon by Fatah, reported by Palestinian Media Watch

A cartoon by Fatah, reported by Palestinian Media Watch

But at a panel at this week’s Jewish Media Summit in Jerusalem, Elias Zananiri, vice-chair of the PLO Committee for Interaction with the Israeli Society, said it was immediately removed after he drew its presence to the attention of party officials.

He later told Jewish News: “The person in charge (of the page) saw the cartoon on the
internet and used it on the official page. He was later asked to remove it, which he did instantly.”

“The central committee member who spoke to him on the phone, when I was present, asked him where the cartoon came from. When the answer came that it was circulated on the net, he said ‘We can’t control the net but we don’t want this piece to be on the official sit e of Fatah’.”