Rob Shooman says a lack of commitment and enthusiasm from his players led to him resigning as manager of Faithfold A – which ultimately resulted in the side withdrawing from the league.


One of the most successful Jewish clubs over the past 25 years, Shooman said he felt he had no choice but to call it a day, saying: “I found an increasingly lack of commitment and enthusiasm and came to the conclusion I’d had enough.  I don’t blame the players, I’m old-school, and maybe it’s the attitude of players that have changed, which isn’t what I grew up, so I’ve decided to call it a day.”

The Greens won a plethora of titles, including both the Premier Division and Cyril Anekstein Cup on three occasions and the Peter Morrison Trophy and Division Three title. Also becoming the first Jewish side to win the London Intermediate Cup in 2013, Shooman added: “It’s a crying shame that’s it’s come to this. I’ve been involved in Jewish football for 46 years, but it’s changing. I will miss it, but I thought it was the right time to step down.”

MGBSFL chiarman David Wolff said: “Of course it’s very disappointing to hear that they have folded, but I think they’ve been on the brink for some time. While it is the same club in name, the personnel has changed from the title-winning sides, but is nevertheless sad to hear.

“The problem [like with other clubs] has been the issue of getting enough players together, and it’s a nationwide problem in 11-a-side problem.”

While concerned with the league losing another team, he does though feel it’s not all doom and gloom. “I think the numbers will even themselves out eventually, we’re set to welcome a new team into the league for next season, so there’s still room for optimism.”

They become the third side to withdraw from the league this season, following in the footsteps of FC Team B and Brixton Old Boys.