A Pro-Israel rally in London in January, 2014.

A Pro-Israel rally in London in January, 2014.

Thousands of Israel’s supporters are set to gather outside the Israeli Embassy this week for the largest public show of support for the state since the current conflict erupted.

The emergency rally on Sunday will emphasise “the desire of Israel for peace, whilst also explaining how the recent conflict is the fault of Hamas”, according to organisers the Zionist Federation.

Representatives of more than 40 organisations from across the religious and political spectrum will be joined by Christian friends of Israel for the 2-4pm event, which is being backed by the Jewish News.

ZF director Alan Aziz said: “There has been a growing sense in the pro-Israel community that now is the time to come out in support of the Jewish homeland, after it has finally responded to the hundreds of rockets fired at its men, women and children.

While anti-Israel demonstrations have whipped up angry mobs with incendiary and disgraceful accusations of genocide and war crimes, we are proud to stand with the Israel Defence Forces that have done so much to avoid civilian casualties.”

Meanwhile, Hundreds of MP’s have received letters highlighting the need for Israel to defend her citizens with the help of new technology on We Believe in Israel’s website. Director Luke Akehurst said: “MPs are naturally influenced by what voters write to them. We are hearing from them that they are receiving a huge volume of emails. Expressing your support matters.”

The Board of Deputies’ Edwin Shuker will represent the UK Jewish community on the World Jewish Congress’ solidarity missin to Israel.

Leaving yesterday, participants will meet senior Israeli politicians, military representatives and tour areas that have come under Hamas fire.