By Gabriel Pogrund

Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow recently harassed by anti-war campaigners for backing British airstrikes in Syria, has received an anti-Semitic Christmas card denying the Holocaust and calling her a “fake”.

The card depicts two stickmen figures. One asks “Do you still believe in Father Christmas?” to which the other, smaller character responds: “Do you still believe in the Holocaust?”

The card contains a printed message “Yuletide Greetings” and a barely legible hand written note. It says: “No Jew can be Prime Minister of Englan (sic) no MP can be a Jew…we are all in a Holocaust on the White Race…Stella a fake”.

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“Re Trump… There’s 70 million people in our country Stella, you received 260 complaints. Get real. It’s the Jewish vote rig conspiracy. Stupid,” the message continues.

Creasy, who is not Jewish, posted the card on Twitter, saying: “Ah Christmas- what makes that the trigger to send anti Semitic greeting cards I wonder.”

Earlier this month hundreds of constituents marched on Creasy’s constituency office in Walthamstow and allegedly tried following the MP to her home before the parliamentary vote to extend Britain’s bombing campaign to Syria.

Anti-war protesters also Tweeted her pictures of dead Syrian babies, but she voted in support of the military action.

Several Twitter users said they had reported the card incident to the CST.