An eight-year-old Jewish boy has raised £50 for Syrian refugees by saving his sweets then selling them to raise money.

News of the exploits of Elisha Abeles, who attends Sacks Morasha Primary School and whose family attend Kinloss Synogogue in Finchley, this week gave Jewish leaders hope that the world’s problems might be eased by acts of individual kindness.

Paul Anticoni, the chief executive of World Jewish Relief, paid tribute to Elisha’s fundraising efforts, saying: “In a turbulent world, it is people like Elisha who give me hope for the future.”

On his own capacity for self-discipline, he added: “When I was his age, I’m sure I’d have guzzled down all the sweets myself. But Elisha’s restraint and thoughtfulness remind us that acts of kindness are at the heart of being Jewish. And if Elisha ever wants to join our fundraising team, he should give me a call.”

Asked why he did it, Elisha said: “I am concerned about the refugees because they have lost everything and don’t have any shelter. I chose to help refugees because I want to show them that Jewish people care about all the people in the world.”