As missiles launched by Hamas terrorists increasingly find their way into Tel Aviv airspace – 3 rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome just this morning – it’s not just humans scrambling to protect their children.

The terrified elephants group together

The terrified elephants group together in Ramat Gan

The 3-minute clip, posted to facebook on Wednesday by zookeeper Sagit Horowitz, shows four wary adult elephants clustering around their calves, as a warning siren sounds in the background.

These majestic mammals are seen to wag their tails warily as their calves emit high-pitched squeals. A loud explosion at 1:51 particularly unnerves them.

Horowitz, who works at The Safari Zoo, wrote on facebook: “ Our elephants heard the siren…and immediately crowded.”

She noted how the calves soon had “little projective guards around them.”

The video was also posted to Youtube, racking up 45,944 views in just two days.