The Egyptian ambassador has warned of new challenges in his country’s relationship with Israel during a visit to London.

Nasser Kamel expressed delight at “unprecedented security and economic cooperation”, but conceded the peace accord had not seen acceptance within public opinion that Israel is a friend.

“No Egyptians believe war is a possibility between our countries, but that does not translate into a feeling of being in love,” he explained. “It is peace based on a public perception that the central promise of that peace was to find a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Nonetheless, the ambassador praised subsequent Egyptian leaders for upholding the promise of peace, which has become “a stable base of Egyptian security and foreign policy principle.”

He spoke during an event organised by the United Synagogue to commemorate the forthcoming 40th anniversary of peace between Israel and Egypt.

He added: “Remarkably, this peace has withstood many tests, many of which pertain to events in the wider region outside of the control of Egypt and Israel.”

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