This will be Miliband's first visit to Israel as Leader of the Opposition

This will be Miliband’s first visit to Israel as Leader of the Opposition

Ed Miliband has spoken of his pride at being part of the Jewish community “which inspires the nation” in his annual message for Pesach.

In his greeting, the Labour leader called for rededication to “the vision of the Exodus – to stand against tyranny wherever it wears its ugly head. And to build a society in which all can feel free”.

He wrote: “For me, above all else Pesach is the festival of freedom – it is the day when some will tell the great story of liberation. This exodus story as served as an inspiration to some many over the centuries. It became the backdrop to all who struggled for freedom, proving again and again that justice and human dignity will prevail.

“So Pesach is a fitting time for me to express my gratitude to the community and my admiration for its values. This is a commnunity which inspires the nation and with whom, I feel proud to be a part of.”