What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? The question is as old as the hills, and for a small donation towards an international Jewish charity, you could find out.

That’s the pitch from Robbie Allon, a 28-year old junior doctor from Glasgow, whose girlfriend came up with the idea of him removing one item of clothing for every £200 donated to World Jewish Relief, until the answer is revealed.

Allon, whose mates are hoping that the answer is ‘underwear,’ decided to do the 600-mile bike ride from Berlin to London in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Kindertransport. The ride is being orchestrated by World Jewish Relief, formerly known as CBF, the Central British Fund for German Jewry, which instigated the Kindertransport, bringing10,000 Jewish children to safety.

“My girlfriend came up with the idea of taking off a layer of clothing as I reach fundraising milestones, posting pictures on social media to encourage people to donate,” said Allon ahead of the June bike-ride.

“I may not have the sculpted body of a Greek god, so I’m aware it may not be the best incentive, but it’s definitely helped grab people’s attention and added some humour to the fundraising process! But I definitely won’t be having the last laugh.”

He added: “Although I now live in London, I am a proud Scotsman who wears my kilt on any possible occasion. It seemed only right that some good old Black Watch tartan made an appearance.”

Allon explained that “a lot of family members have strategically donated in the early stages, before the photos become too revealing, while others – including my girlfriend’s parents – seem to be biding their time…!”