More than 60 diplomats and Jewish representatives from 40 countries convened in London to discuss perceived threats including extremism in Europe and instances of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

The event was jointly organised by the Board of Deputies and the European arm of American-Jewish organisation AJC, with Board president Jonathan Arkush describing the groups’ relationship as “increasingly close”.

AJC chief executive David Harris said that a “community of conscience” was needed in an increasingly “fractured, tumultuous and dangerous” world, as the pair drew on insecurity in the Middle East, and its impact on the West.

Warning of radicalisation on the continent, Harris has suggested a “values contract” for immigrants to Europe, covering democracy, gender equality, freedom of sexual orientation, religious freedom and peaceful coexistence.

The London session included four meetings featuring experts from the UK, France, Germany, Israel and Belgium, discussing issues such as Holocaust commemoration.