Former Bradford East MP David Ward has been called “anti-Semitic” by a fellow councillor during a heated debate, after the anti-Israel politician took part in a heated exchange on anti-Semitism in the city.

The debate, reported by the Bradford Telegraph, saw Cllr Ward argue that it was not anti-Semitic to criticise Israel and that it was “completely wrong to use the Holocaust” to protect Israel from criticism.

Cllr Simon Cooke, who had proposed a motion for the council to consider its “awareness and response to anti-Semitism and Islamophobia,” criticised Ward’s comments as “anti-Semitic and wrong”.

Cooke had earlier recalled how his young son recently discussed the Holocaust with him, saying: “My son said to me, they would have killed me and mum, wouldn’t they?” Ward responded: “One thing is absolutely damn certain, he would not have been killed by a Palestinian.” This prompted cries of “shame” from the hall.