Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador to the UK

Daniel Taub, Outgoing Israeli Ambassador to the UK

Outgoing Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub has been personally thanked for his role by the UK prime minister. 

David Cameron sent a letter to Israel’s outgoing UK envoy, thanking him for his role in ‘furthering the relationship’ between the UK and Israel.

The prime minister wrote he should be “proud of all that you have achieved” whilst serving as an ambassador in the “country of your birth.”

Taub, who was educated at Haberdashers and then Oxford University in the UK, was also praised for playing a “crucial role in the shared democratic values that both of our countries hold dear”.

“You have been particularly effective at speaking the truth about war and peace, but also enterprise, liberty and prosperity, all part of the stories of both our countries.”

“We should be proud of the strong ties that have been fostered between out two countries in recent years. From our trade, which has doubled in a decade and is now worth £5 billion a year, to the world-leading partnerships between our scientists and academics and hi-tech specialists.”.

It concludes by saying: “Relationships have also grown much stronger and this was particularly evident when I visited Israel last year. As you return to Israel now, I wish you. Zehava [his wife] and all your family every success in all your future endeavours.”

Ambassador Taub will return to Israel. In a statement issued in June upon news that he would leave the post, Daniel Taub said: “It had been an ‘extraordinary privilege’ to represent Israel in the UK, “to help deepen the friendship and cooperation.”
“We will head back to Israel confident that these relations, like the wonderful warm friendships we have enjoyed here, will not end when we leave but will last and thrive for many years to come.”
The letter is signed by the David Cameron, with a personal note added before the signature: “And thank you for the many kind things you have said about me!”
Daniel Taub’s successor has not yet been announced.

The letter sent by the PM (Source: @yiftahc on Twitter – Spokesperson of the Embassy of Israel)