Israelis who want their leaders to finally agree a “separation” deal with Palestinians have launched a campaign calling for an end to occupation days ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit.

Campaign group Darkenu, a grassroots movement, said its members were arranging for more than 100 billboards urging politicians to finally sign an agreement for two states, with stalls to be set up around the country.

Darkenu leader Polly Bronstein said Trump’s election in the United States had led to hopes that his “pragmatic approach” represented “an opportunity” for Israeli leaders to finally agree an elusive peace deal, 50 years after the beginning of the occupation.

“Trump has reawakened the political discourse and the hope that Israel will re-enter negotiations in order to achieve a deal,” she said.

“The pragmatic approach that requires responsibility from both sides and does not point an accusing finger at Israel may be the approach that will succeed. We call on the prime minister and the Knesset to say yes to a political settlement and to separate from the Palestinians.”

In a statement this week to launch the campaign, which will see postcards sent to Members of the Knesset, the group said: “We want a solution that will preserve our security, establish a separation from the Palestinians, and ensure our future and a future for our children.”