The minister responsible for the shechita ban in Denmark earlier this month has said he will listen to scientific advice presented by Jewish groups who say it is no less humane than other methods of slaughter.

Agriculture Minister Dan Jørgensen agreed to receive and read the report following a meeting on Friday with the Conference of European Rabbis, the European Jewish Congress and Muslim community representatives.

Jewish groups, including Britain’s Shechita UK together with the Israeli government, are now being asked to help collate scientific evidence, which will be presented at a future date. It is understood that the project will be co-ordinated from London.

“We are calling for leaders of Jewish communities across the world to help us respond to this attack on religious freedom,” said Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt. “This ban could have very serious implications for Jews across Europe.”

Jørgensen’s ban was taken on the back of scientific evidence, he explained to the group, which also included Denmark’s Chief Rabbi and the leader of the Danish Jewish community.

The delegation argued that shechita was no less humane than any other method of conventional, industrial mechanical stunning and slaughter, and Jørgensen agree to consider evidence to that effect.