InterFaithNetwork’s national Faith Communities Forum brings together member national faith community representative bodies to discuss issues of common interest and concern. Some members of the Forum with the InterFaithWeek flyer

Communities across the country are gearing up for InterFaith Week.

Starting on 15 November, the seventh annual event brings is aimed at strengthening relations and building links.

Lead by the Inter Faith Network in the UK, hundreds of national events are set to take place – updated online.

They range from debates to sports events and art competitions.

Former Board of Deputies president Vivian Wineman and the Rt Revd Richard Atkinson are co-chairs of the Inter Faith Network for the UK. They called the week “a marvellous platform for the ever wider variety of inter faith projects and initiatives.


Vivian Wineman and the Rt Revd Richard Atkinson are Co-Chairs of the Inter Faith Network for the UK

“At a time when negative voices sometimes seem to be speaking ever louder, it is a reminder of our shared conviction of the importance of the common good and of peaceful and respectful coexistence.”

Baroness Williams of Trafford added: “Inter Faith Week helps to bridge gaps in understanding and encourage dialogue between the different faith communities. It plays a pivotal role in bringing together people of faith and of none in a range of events.”

On the final day of the initiative, Mitzvah Day takes place, and some groups are combining the occasions.