The Chief Rabbi spoke about his experience visiting a refugee camp, helping World Jewish Relief raise over £1million for their humanitarian work. 

Following a personal message from David Cameron, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis spoke about his recent trip to a Idomeni in Greece, at The Guildhall on Monday night

He praised WJR as “an organisation that doesn’t just stand and look, witness and see. On our behalf – it does something.” He added: “I retuned home from Idomeni being proud of being part of our British Jewish community.”

At the event, which marked 70 years after its predecessor helped organise the rescue of 732 Jewish orphans from Europe, Mirvis added: “What is happening in Idomeni is happening in the Ukraine, it happened in Nepal, and 70 years ago, when 732 orphaned children were helped after the Holocaust to come to this country. Not only were their lives saved, but they have been enabled to rebuild their lives. And give a contribution of inestimable value to our society. ”

Guests also heard BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis interview Harry Olmer, who came to the UK in 1945 as a refugee, before foreign correspondent Fergal Keane spoke about his experience in war-torn Ukraine and Rwanda.

Photo credit: Andy Tyler Photography/World Jewish Relief

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