Chelsea football fans were filmed singing an anti-Semitic chant on a London tube train.

The chant by backers of the Chelsea club followed the team’s victory on Saturday night against the rival Tottenham Hotspur, which has a significant Jewish following.

“I’ve got foreskin, how about you? F****** Jew,” they reportedly chanted.

One Spurs fan said the Chelsea supporters were “goading any Spurs fans they could” on the train and at two stations,  the Daily Mirror reported.

Ahead of the match, Chelsea had warned fans in the match’s program and on its website that the club will not tolerate such actions, the Daily Mail reported.

In March, Chelsea fans chanted anti-Semitic abuse at a Jewish train passenger following a match.

Other teams’ fans have chanted the same derogatory line at Spurs fans. In February 2015, supporters of the West Ham United used the chant while passing through the Stamford Hill neighbourhood, which has a high population of Charedi Orthodox Jews.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism said in a statement, that “following the conviction of a Chelsea fan earlier this month, we are hopeful that the club will repeat its success in this case too.”

You can watch the video here.