A charity supporting victims of terror raised almost £1 million for counselling at its annual fundraising dinner last week, with special awards given to three victims.

One Family UK, which entertained 600 guests at the Lancaster London hotel in Bayswater, said it had seen its workload increase, with more families turning to the organisation in light of ongoing attacks in Israel.

The charity used the occasion to pay tribute to three “incredible” victims of terror, with Chen Chayun , David Chatuel and Avigdor Gavish for “outstanding” contributions to the victim of terror community in Israel.

Chatuel, who is now president of One Family in Israel, lost his wife and four daughters, who were shot while driving to meet him.

“My wife was nine months pregnant with our unborn son,” he said. “I thought to myself that I could not go on. I’d lost everything. And if it wasn’t for the support of One Family, I would not be standing here today.”

Later, the room was lead in the Hatikva by Avigdor Gavish, who lost his parents, grandfather and brother in an attack 15 years ago. The charity has since helped him pursue a career in music and he recently released his first album in Israel.

Photos by John Rifkin: