Jewish Blind & Disabled is to name its new 19-bedroom development in Bushey Heath after two sisters who survived the Holocaust.

The charity will name the new £6.7 million wing after Dyna and Fala Weinstock, which will be adjacent to JBD’s Cecil Rosen Court building when it opens next year.

Berlin-born Dyna and Fala were two of ten children. Their family had a raincoat factory, but it was taken from them when the Nazis came to power, and most of the family members were murdered.

Dyna survived life in the concentration camp of Auschwitz and came to England after the war with her brother David and sister Fala, who had escaped the war in Switzerland. Dyna lost her husband in Auschwitz and neither sister had any children.

JBD chief executive Hazel Kaye said: “It is a real privilege to know that our latest development will carry the name of these two special sisters, ensuring that their memory will not only live on but will be a blessing to people who will now be enabled to live life as they choose and not as their disability would otherwise dictate.”