The editor of the Catholic Times has apologised after Jewish communal representatives said they were “disgusted” by the publication of a letter complaining about “a dramatic increase in Jewish voices on the radio”.

Kevin Flaherty issued a written apology on the ‘letters’ page this week, after the Board’s interfaith representative Anthony Silkoff, who described a letter by Antony Porter as “atrocious”.

Porter’s letter protested a Jewish comedian using sexual slang “when there were children around,” leading Silkoff to blast it as “racist drivel”.

Silkoff said: “Why [Porter] thinks it relevant to point out the comedian’s ethnicity is puzzling. As a final flourish, [Porter] juxtaposes these “Jewish voices” with the BBC’s mission statement ‘to enrich people’s lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain’ – the clear implication being that this mission is endangered by having too many Jews on the radio.”

In his response, Flaherty wrote: “The Catholic Times takes the issue of anti-Semitism very seriously and apologises for any unintended offence to the Jewish community caused by the publication of this letter.”