Camden’s Labour representatives have united is disapproval after a man was re-admitted to the Labour Party with a formal written warning, following his suspension for inflammatory statements.

Terence Flanagan was accused of comparing councillors to Goebbels, claiming Israeli spies were behind a strategy to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, and saying supporters of Israel were “polluting” the Labour Party.

Speaking to the Camden New Journal, Flanagan said he felt “vindicated” and that the accusations were “fraudulent”.

This week every Labour Councillor, together with Assemble Member Andrew Dismore and MP Tulip Siddiq, wrote to the newspaper arguing that, on the contrary, Flanagan had not been vindicated.

“The Party clearly upheld the complaint of anti-Semitism and other abusive behaviour against him,” they said. “If you get a final warning at work, this doesn’t mean that you can carry on as if nothing happened or that your boss thinks that everything is fine. The same is true here.”