Conservative chairman Grant Shapps has rejected calls for the party to reopen an inquiry into MP Aidan Burley, after claims that he lied about his attendance at a Nazi-themed stag party.

Labour MPs demanded a fresh investigation after the publication last weekend of photographs and tape-recordings which appeared to contradict Mr Burley’s claims that he left the party before fellow guests went to a bar where revellers chanted “Hitler” and “Himmler”.

Mr Burley was sacked as a ministerial aide when reports of the episode emerged in 2011, and an internal party inquiry last week found he was “stupid and offensive” to have organised the party.

Groom Mark Fournier was fined 1,500 euros by a French court for wearing an SS uniform and insignia supplied by the MP.

Asked whether the inquiry into Mr Burley’s actions would be reopened in the light of the new evidence published by the Mail on Sunday, Mr Shapps told BBC Radio 4‘s The World At One: “Aidan Burley has quite rightly been subject to a report. It is absolutely right he has apologised for his involvement. It doesn’t represent where he stands. I think the matter is now closed.

“It is a matter for the party but the inquiry has taken place some time ago. We consider the matter is now closed. He has apologised. It doesn’t benefit anyone to keep this running and running.”