A senior figure in the arts world has warned that the impact of the referendum result is “deeply concerning” for museums, galleries and culture in the United Kingdom.

Art Fund director Stephen Deuchar has spoken out following the exit result from the overnight referendum vote.

He said: “The Art Fund is deeply concerned at the impact leaving the EU will have on culture in the UK, and particularly on its museums and galleries.

“At one level there is obviously now great financial uncertainty – the effect on European funding streams for the arts, for example – but quite as important is the potential effect on the spirit that drives a myriad of international partnerships in the arts.

“These are driven at heart by the principle of Britain as a collaborative component of, and participant in, a vibrant European culture. We must work hard to keep this spirit alive, regardless of politics.”

The Art Fund is the UK’s national fundraising charity for art.

The chief executive of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Brit Awards, Geoff Taylor, said the result was an opportunity for the Government to legislate for stronger domestic copyright rules in the music world.

He said: “The UK public has spoken and once the short-term political and macro-economic consequences have played out, this decision will mean new priorities for the music industry in our work with Government.

“We will, of course, press the Government to swiftly negotiate trade deals that will ensure unimpeded access to EU markets for our music and our touring artists.

“Our Government will also now have the opportunity to legislate for stronger domestic copyright rules that encourage investment here in the UK and which will protect UK creators from piracy and from tech platforms siphoning off value through copyright loopholes.”

Mr Taylor added that he had full confidence that British music would remain popular across Europe.

Following the result, the Creative Industries Federation pledged its support to safeguard the arts and creative industries.

Chief executive John Kampfner said: “It will be vital for all sides to work together to ensure that the interests of our sector on issues including access to funding and talent are safeguarded as the UK forges its new relationship with Europe.

“The importance of British culture in representing our country to the world will be greater than ever.”