The Chief Rabbi will again be among the speakers at this year’s Limmud Conference.

Ephraim Mirvis received a rapturous welcome last December when he made history by becoming the first serving chief rabbi to attend the event, which attracted a record number of participants.

The Chief Rabbi addressing Limmud on Monday.

The Chief Rabbi addressing Limmud on Monday.

Rabbi Mirvis said: “I am looking forward once again to having an opportunity to teach Torah to thousands of Jewish people who are seeking to enrich their Jewish knowledge and strengthen their Jewish identity.”

His attendance last year came despite a statement from the Beth Din saying it “remain seriously concerned that the attendance of Orthodox rabbis at Limmud blurs the distinction between authentic Orthodox Judaism and non-Orthodox beliefs and practices”.

The Chief Rabbi said during one his two talks at the conference: “The greatest strength of the Jewish people is its friendliness and unity. I’ve experienced wonderful acts of togetherness here. I’m delighted to be part of it.”

In a statement from Abigail Jacobi, Limmud Conference 2014 Programming Co-chair announced that the Chief Rabbi will be a participant at Limmud conference:

“We look forward to welcoming the Chief Rabbi alongside the leaders of other denominational movements.”

“Limmud is a unique cross-communal environment where the value that ‘anyone can be a teacher’ enables a plethora of views to be heard and discussed.”

“We are delighted that the Chief Rabbi and a cadre of high calibre Jewish educators from across the world will be participating at Limmud’s flagship Conference.”