Jani (left) and Rudi (right) at the Bradford Holocaust Memorial Day Event 27 January 2015, City Hall, Bradford.

Bradford’s Reform Synagogue has deepened its strong community relations, by including a member of the Muslim community on to its council.

After the Muslim community came to the financial rescue of the Jewish community in Bradford in 2013, A group called ‘Friends of the Synagogue’ was founded.

According to Rudi Leavor who is the chair of the Synagogue’s council, one of the close contacts made was Jani Rashid who is head of Diversity and Cohesion at Bradford education .

Leavor told the Jewish news “We thought it would be a splendid idea to co-opt Jani to the Council. When the proposal was put to him he assented immediately”, representing the Friends group.

Jani Rashid said: “I am delighted to take up this kind offer to sit on the Synagogue Council’. I am a firm believer in openness within and between communities.”

“This helps us to respect one another’s diversity and, to share in our common beliefs of decency, respect and compassion for our fellow human beings.”