The suspect behind a spate of bomb threats to U.S. Jewish community centres earlier this year has been named as an 18-year old American-Israeli Jew.

Michael Ron David Kadar, who was indicted on Monday, has been charged in Florida with 28 counts of making threatening calls, lying to police and cyber-stalking.

He is believed to have been acting for financial reasons, offering his ‘services’ in return for online currency Bitcoin.

Kadar, who was under-18 at the time, was also charged at a district court in Tel Aviv for thousands of cases of extortion, publishing false information that caused panic, computer offenses and money laundering.

Since January there have been more than 150 bomb threats to Jewish schools and community centres across the U.S, prompting fears of rising anti-Semitism.

Another alleged threat targeted an El Al flight, which led to fighter jets being scrambled.

Kadar was arrested last month after an FBI investigation involving intelligence agencies around the work. The Israeli indictment, issued on Monday, said Kadar’s purpose was to cause public panic.