Boca Jewniors has become the latest club to fold from Jewish football, citing a lack of playing personnel for their demise.

Having been propping up Division Two with five straight league defeats, a club statement read: “After going strong and going unbeaten in pre-season, beating a Division One team in the process, our season looked promising. Unfortunately our manager walked away a week before the first league game of the season, with all the players he bought in leaving also. This left us with no manager and not enough players to be able to compete this season. To say it has been a struggle this season would be an understatement.

“After setting up the team seven years ago, playing along side four of my brothers and good friends, it was great fun. Unfortunately times have changed and I felt it was time to close the door on that chapter of my life.

“I’d like to thank my trusted right hand man and all time top appearance record holder Anton Nyman, as I could not have got through those 7 years without him.

“Anton and I thought the best moment was last season coming from 4-1 down to beat bitter rivals Hertswood Vale 4-5 on their home soil, and then completing the double over them in style at home with a wonder goal from Brett Schuman.”